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As professionals in Guelph, ON, Chem-Dry Acclaim Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning provides a drier, cleaner, healthier carpet cleaning experience. Delivering a winning formula for customer satisfaction, you’ll discover we have well trained employees and affordable prices while using a industry leading cleaning method. Our strategy utilizes the most current modern advances. The best cleaning service around can be expected every time you book a visit with the most professional carpet cleaners in Guelph, ON. A product called The Natural is the primary cleaning solution that we employ. This item allows the dry time for your carpets to be merely a few hours, it allows for the clean to endure longer, and it is created from green certified ingredients. You are sure to instantly discover how remarkable our method is.


Different cleaning services, including most steam cleaners, will leave your carpets sopping wet for a few days. Our Hot Carbonating Extraction method uses 80% less water compared to what other carpet cleaners would require, so your carpets are going to be dry after only a couple of hours. This system that we employ makes use of the power of carbonation. Instead of dumping gallons of soapy water in the home, thousands of effervescent bubbles are used to achieve the deepest clean available. If you are looking for a qualified service that enables you to return to your way of life quickly, you’ve found the best business!


Most Guelph, ON trained carpet cleaners have a technique that will leave behind a gluey, dirt attracting deposit. This is a challenge for two key reasons: you may feel discomfort in your home and your carpets will end up marked easily after. It may be nearly impossible to rinse out the strong cleaners, shampoos, chemicals, or detergents that a lot of cleaning firms work with; this makes the residue much worse. The most reliable, deepest cleaning on the market is by way of carbonation. No dirt attracting residues are going to be left behind using this system. Together with the appropriate heat, the most beneficial quantity of moisture, and carbonation instead of harsh chemicals, your household will receive the greatest treatment with Chem-Dry Acclaim Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning. Dirt and soil allergens that are trapped inside the carpet fibres will be loosened by the carbonating bubbles and elevated to the surface so our equipment can extract them away. This very same type of treatment is used to get rid of a number of annoying spots and stains.


Green carpet cleaning is well-loved in Guelph, ON. The primary cleaning solution we use at Chem-Dry Acclaim Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is green certified and safe enough to drink. Honestly safe and non-toxic, we’re very pleased to say our option is environmentally friendly enough to help keep your family pets and family safe. In case a family member member has allergies or other sensitivities, our main cleaning solution is recommended as it won’t aggravate those sensitivities. Best of all, no overwhelming chemical scent remains, just the odor of clean and fresh carpets!

When using the driest, cleanest, and healthiest carpet cleaning service in Guelph, ON, you can rely on Chem-Dry Acclaim Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning to improve your home with the best service for your family members!

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