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10 Reasons Why Stratford Loves
Chem-Dry® Acclaim Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning since 1995

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Trust the Chem-Dry Routine

We understand that life in Stratford, ON will get busy – we’ve all been through it! Now and then your carpets have that grey “traffic area” strip down the center, and as much as you’d love to care for it, you just don’t have the time! Allow us to deal with it for you. At Chem-Dry Acclaim Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, you can trust us to attend to your carpets like we would our own. There’s a reason Chem-Dry Acclaim Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is the top brand for carpet cleaning. We’ve verified again and again that our revolutionary solutions are the best around, so give us a chance to demonstrate it to you!

Chem-Dry Versus Steam Cleaners

Our approaches leave your carpets clean and dry in 1-2 hours. You can’t deny that time. It’s much better than having rooms in your home out of commission for the 1-2 days that a lot of steam cleaners in Stratford, ON require! The competition will try to convince you that throwing loads of water into your carpets is the greatest way to go, but we know better. Those methods in fact deposit a lot of tacky residue that won’t come up with their harsh suction, and you are then left with horrible carpets! At Chem-Dry Acclaim Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, we clean carpets better than any other carpet cleaner, so use us to get the work done right the first time!

The Power of Carbonation

Have you ever tried to remove a stain from a shirt using club soda? Our powerful carbonated cleaning solution in Stratford, ON does just that to swiftly and proficiently clean your carpets! Millions of tiny bubbles scrub your carpets themselves, providing you with a deep clean that lasts. Trust the experts at Chem-Dry Acclaim Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning and our patented Power of Carbonation system to restore your carpet’s beauty and to make that clean last!

Chem-Dry Green Cleaning

We offer affordable services in Stratford, ON with non-toxic solutions that are safe for your home, pets, and kids! As well as leaving your carpets to dry in less time, our cleaning process is all natural and healthy. Our patented cleaning solutions are completely safe for your carpets. As a green cleaning company, we offer the carpet cleaning solution that is right for you, as well the environment!

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